Jackie Sollitto is incredibly insightful and a truly gifted teacher. She has such a keen knowledge of this business, its history and where it’s going, and a genuine caring and respect for those of us committed to it. I left our meeting feeling excited about the journey again. That is an incredibly profound experience. Nothing less. Thank you, Jackie!!!
– June C.

Jackie Sollitto’s career advice was “spot-on!” Her feedback helped me move my acting career forward. She asked the right questions and helped me determine which action steps I needed to take to succeed and advance in my career. Since working with Jackie Sollitto, I understand at a deeper level which roles I should pursue. I now understand where I need improvement as she helped me both identify my strengths and the areas where I need to improve and grow. Jackie is very informative, smart, personable and teaches with a terrific sense of humor. Not only that, she doesn’t forget actors. Although it had been a couple of years since I had auditioned for a film she had cast, she remembered me! My time spent with Jackie was well worth the investment.
– John R.

I cannot express how useful, honest, and informative Jackie’s session proved to be. She actively listened to my goals, concerns, and inquiries and she candidly addressed each one in a caring, honest, and intelligent manner. Jackie provided me with concrete tools that would increase my opportunities for success in the Industry. Thanks to her, I have launched my professional actor website, my Twitter/Facebook actor pages, and added skills/further clarity to my acting resume. Additionally, Jackie’s advice to research the tones/styles of television shows and casting directors alike is consistently reiterated in casting director workshops I have taken since. It is clear that Jackie is on the side of the actor in every capacity: with her time, her approach, and her ingenuous, practical feedback. It is a consultation I have recommended on countless occasions because it puts the power into the hands of the actor. Thank you, Jackie!
– Paola G.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and I feel even more confident now with your advice. Jackie was so helpful. She makes you feel comfortable to talk to right away and her experience makes her extremely wise. She does more than just give you facts but helps you realize the art behind acting and how to stay true to your image as an artist.
– Ariel M.

I am ready for 2013! Jackie Sollitto is the most actor-friendly casting director I’ve met to date! She is extremely knowledgeable and will give you personal attention to ask her any questions you have about the business. She gave me a personal look into the world of casting, listened to my obstacles, and helped me develop a specific individualized plan for my career and how to achieve my goals. I’m extremely thankful to know her!
– Nicole G.

In working with Jackie that she is not only a business person, but a highly creative individual. In her career consultation sessions she uses her creative gifts to help you see how you are presenting yourself professionally, and how you can improve your presentation. She offers inspirational and practical advice on how you can make progress in the most positive way. Her knowledge of casting and production allow her to give realistic advice that directly applies to your acting career. I highly recommend her sessions.
– Jamila J.

Jackie genuinely cares about actors becoming business savvy. She sheds light on details that are important for building careers.
– Kate M.

Jackie Sollitto’s consultation is both helpful and specific. I felt like she really honed in on what I needed based on my individual look, goals and experience. The most important thing is she respects the craft and the work that goes into creating a career. She loves actors. I love her.
– Brittany R.

Jackie Sollitto’s consultation was amazing! She is so knowledgeable in the entertainment industry and she knows what works from what doesn’t. It was great receiving insight from someone that has cast such a plethora of well-known productions! I left the consultation with more wisdom and even more confidence. Her humble demeanor and positive mind-set encouraged me to pay attention and listen. Ms. Sollitto’s consultation is a must in taking your acting career to the next level. Thank you Ms. Sollitto for giving me the opportunity to meet with you.
– Dawn-Marie B.


I met Jackie Sollitto during a workshop at The Actors Key. Jackie was so candid and insightful; she used the limited time we were given to the maximum! When she mentioned that she offered consultations to actors, I felt inspired to consult with her on a variety of topics that pertain to the juggernaut of the acting industry in Los Angeles.
– Paola G.

I really enjoyed taking your workshop at The Bridge in July! Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice and information!
– Josephine L.

I found everything you said very knowledgeable and educational…”
– Matt G.

Thanks for the great workshop Sunday. You are hilarious and so easy to read for. You gave great feedback, and I’m so glad I met you. You rock!
– Louahn L.

I wanted to thank you for all your input and advice, it’s so refreshing to meet people like you in an industry like this one.
– Johanna M.

I wanted to formally and personally thank you, at the top of the year, for your time, advice & favorable feedback. There’s no doubt your words of encouragement contributed to my confidence and success in 2012.
– Michael C.

I just wanted to thank you for a delightful class at Reel Pros on Thursday. I loved the scene that you gave me and really appreciated your insight. I ridiculously love working on comedy and am thankful for the opportunity to explore and laugh. I also really respected your passion for casting and sincerely valued your enthusiasm for the process.
– Chelsey D.

You were amazingly giving just like you were the last time I workshopped with you. Wow…thank you for caring so much about us and for that extra time you gave me individually at the end. You’re one of the very best people I know in casting!
– GiGi H.

Thanks so much for your time and coolness last night at ReelPros. You were fun. And thanks for the kind words.
– Cutter G.

Thanks for the great workshop Sunday. You are hilarious and so easy to read for. You gave great feedback, and I’m so glad I met you. You rock!
– Louahn L.

Jackie Sollitto

Jackie Sollitto is a Casting Professional located in Los Angeles. She has worked on many prominent feature films and major television series, as well as some fantastic independent projects and commercials.